Marine Renewable Energy site characterisation using surface and orbit synergies

NOC and the wider project team are working with EMEC to define services that will help EMEC and their stakeholders meet the data needs that underpin technology development and the LCOE challenge. The intention is to use satellite data to better characterise sea state parameters focusing in particular on understanding waves at the Billia Croo and Fall of Warness test sites.

Coastal erosion mapping for cost-effective monitoring

Working with the Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO), the aim of this demonstration is to develop EO information services that can be integrated into the strategic coastal monitoring programmes of England. These EO-derived information products will enhance the CCO’s ability to improve the cost efficiency of their ground-based coastal monitoring activities and schedules.

Marine litter dynamics to support Maritime Spatial Planning

This case study focuses on the detection and monitoring of marine pollution on the form of plastics and / or marine spills. The service will explore EO-data to verify and appraise models focused on marine litter dynamics surveillance, in support of ambitions outlined in the E.U.’s Maritime Spatial Planning directive. Analysis of merged data streams can provide evidence about the impact of the MSPD, and whether or not the evidence suggests negative trends are being improved. EO can complement such work by analysing the outcomes of these models in terms of impact (over tourism, environment), and survey looking for new contamination spots that can feed the models.

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