Innovation Clusters

The Blue Economy project focuses on achieving two interconnected objectives:

  • to achieve demonstrable advancement into the space-maritime innovation arena, and
  • maximising it’s animation potential.

Developing sustainable services, and animating further advances in applications development, is maximised by nesting developments within expanding innovation ecosystems. There is a significant opportunity for Innovation Clusters to be the engine of applications development across the Atlantic region. The service delivery demonstrations, are mere examples of far greater advancement potential, for maritime stakeholders to engage with, and recognise opportunities for them in the Space arena.

To this end, the team are developing a roadmap towards building an Atlantic Cluster of Clusters, where ideas, novel applications and innovations that use Earth Observation to support maritime markets, communities and stakeholders, and harness maritime potential, are conceived, tested, and commercialised. Development of this roadmap spans the full two year timeframe of the project, engaging and gathering the perspectives of a wide variety of Atlantic stakeholders in policy, funding, business, industry and aligned sectors of society such as education.

The output will be a systemic, actionable roadmap of recommendations, charting a course forward for the advances demonstrated under the Blue Economy project, and towards an Atlantic Cluster of Innovation Clusters.

More in-depth info available for core participating stakeholders here.

If you would like to contribute to these discussions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Blue Economy team, using the contact form.



The Team